What will we leave to those who are to come after us?

What kind of future will we give to our children?
Seas, mountains, rivers, meadows, flowers, oxygen or something else? What will we leave to those who are to continue the journey?
Build and preserve now, before it's too late!
Clean nature, a safe home,
we owe it to Mother Earth and to those who are to come.

For, otherwise,
we will have "hooded", tied up children, thrown away like garbage in the illusion of a dawn that is already sunset.

For, otherwise,
we will have prisoners in their own homes, suffocated by fear because, outside, there is no possibility left

and everything is atrophied in a desert that will be carved on their skin and soul.

For, otherwise,
we will have young people who find it normal not to see the sun, not to smell the scents, not to listen to a tree sing, children who will think that praying is pointless.

Serra is a vision of a lifeless tomorrow, of that normality left to wither due to our excessive stupidity and carelessness to make room for...nothing.
But it is also a desire for life, it is hope, the courage to cross the frontier of sacrifice and find the strength to be reborn among the rubble.

"Before it is too late,
let’s remove the blindfold from our eyes and apologize."